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The term 'speedblitz' is used to describe situations in which one combatant has demonstrably greater speed than their opponent, often to the point where their opponent can not even compare. It is assumed that the combatant, due to their overwhelming speed, is able to deliver many, many blows with a great deal of force behind each before their opponent can make a move to stop them.

The basic idea behind a speedblitz is that one combatant has the ability to move faster than their opponent can react. This most often implies speeds greater than the thought processes of the brain, thus guaranteeing an unblockable attack; however, this is not necessarily true for all cases. Some combatants, while not at those levels of speed, are technically fast enough to be able to attack before their opponenet can react. These characters are few and far between, but they do exist.

In situations where a speedblitz can come into play, the fight is generally considered to be a curbstomp. Exceptions are characters with strong auto-shields or sufficient durability and scenario matches where speedblitzes are disallowed.

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