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The Spider-Man vs Firelord exception refers to the concept of an outlier in the powerset of a character. Due to needs of plot and inconsistencies between writers, a character may sometimes perform a feat that is entirely out of their abilities when compared to their normal level of power.

The exception was named for a fight between Spider-man, a Marvel superhero, and Firelord, a herald of Galactus. To the irritation of many readers, Spider-man managed to defeat Firelord. This should have been impossible, given Spiderman's day-to-day feats of strength and durability, but it was a canon fight.

The SMvFL exception was thus created in order to allow comparison of individual characters' powersets without confusing, one-shot feats cropping up. In a case where a feat is considered to be out of reach of a character and has happened only once or twice in the characters' history, the SMvFL exception is invoked and the feat is deemed invalid.

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