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RP, stands for Role Play.

While not technically a 'Rumble' it has long since become part of the culture of The Rumbles since the Third Age. A role play is a story set up by a Game Master in which participants assume the roles of characters and collaborate to compose a story. A participant creates characters, usually possessing unique abilities within a set number of guidelines. Within an RP the participants may improvise freely to shape and develop the story within boundries set by the Game Master. The goal of these games is usually simply for enjoyment; there are hardly ever any 'losers' in this type of game. The length of a CBR RP ranges from several months, up to a year.

There are several RP 'Types', ranging from more 'free ranged' RPs to more structured 'answer and response' RPs. Also each RP tends to have a 'theme', that dictates the mood and feel of the story.

The first phase of an RP is usually a Character Creation\\Recruitment phase in an RP. This is where the participant creates a character to assume the role of. While a strong powerset helps to play an RP, it's usually a character's personality or interaction that play the biggest role in the success of a character rather. Unbalanced characters; characters who are the subject of Power Gaming or that possess high levels of cheapness in their powerset are usually frowned on. (Some examples of powers that are frowned upon include: Time Freeze, Dimension Dump, Unguardable Attacks, Probability Control, Mind Control, Anti-Power Powers, Power Copy Powers, and Blow up the Omni-verse Powers)

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