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PIS stands for Plot Induced Stupidity.

PIS is when the writer ignores or forgets a character's abilities or simply writes them as "dumb", usually with no cause or reasoning beyond simply needing them to for the sake of their plot to work; hence 'Plot' induced stupidity.

And in turn, said character performs at a significantly lower level compared to when he/she is written properly. The definition of "properly" is, of course, defined by the moderators, despite their limited knowledge of most comic book characters.

A frequent example of PIS is the Flash. Without PIS, the Flash could triumph over most of his foes in a few panels, rendering a comic series pointless and uninteresting.

In practice, it's become a simple way for moderators to disregard the legitimate feats of less-favored characters when they are threatening to defeat board favorites. For example, see "Captain America vs. Daredevil."

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