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Why was my post deleted? According to Jonah himself, content-less posts are not wanted on these boards. So don't do things like post "bump" threads or post meaningless statements. Posts that contain inappropriate content are also fair game for the moderators to delete. So please refrain from starting flamewars on the board.

Why was my poll closed? Generally, it is perferred that polls not be used for fights because they tend to lower the quality and quantity of participation on a thread, and generally turn the fight into a popularity contest instead of a proper versus debate.

Are there any topics I can't or shouldn't post? While there aren't any topics that are considered verboten here, there are some topics that have been argued to death many times over which people have become sick of. These topics should be avoided since they no longer generate much meaningful responses anymore. Examples of such topics include Batman vs. Spiderman, Superman vs. Thor, and generally most fights involving Dragonball Z. Also, any topic that can potentially turn into a flamewar, or includes content that is inflammatory or baiting another poster, is also fair game for being closed or deleted.

What's the policy on Off Topic threads? Some topics are generally unsuited for the Rumbles board in general, and may be moved to a more appropriate board on the CBR Forums. Examples of these might be discussions on the latest episode of Buffy or a review of the latest popular film. Sometimes, the moderators will allow off topic threads to remain on the board until interest on them have waned. OT threads are tolerated within reason on Rumbles, but over-abuse of OT threads on the Rumbles board may result in immediate removal or deletion.

What's the language rating for this board? In general, profanity should be kept to a minimum. However, the Rumbles board is not strict about language issues in itself. As long as profanity are not used in overly excessive amounts in lieu of content, or in the context of insulting another poster, it is generally tolerated. Excessive use of profanity may warrant a moderator notice to tone things down. Edit-the use of profanity in thread titles should also be avoided.

This is not to be confused with offensive post content, such as needless profanity with no other content, or vulgarity, which are not tolerated on this forum.

I was banned but I have changed my ways. How do I get myself unbanned? A banning is a serious step to be taken for any individual. A banned poster who tries to sneak back onto the board with a new handle has committed an automatically-bannable offense, and can be banned again once caught by the moderators. If you wish to return through official channels, you must appeal to the administrator of CBR, Jonah and Matt (Parallax). You can contact them through email and make your case to them, and they will decide if you can be allowed another chance.

What's the policy regarding other boards? Board-wars are strictly against Rumbles policy here, whether it's with another board here at CBR or another messageboard altogether. We don't want to see Rumbles posters planning or launching attacks on other boards; nor do we tolerate invasions onto Rumbles. Sometimes posters here who also post on other boards come across posts regarding Rumbles or planning something against Rumbles. If this happens, please do NOT post about it here. We do not need to see a ruckus being raised regarding another board. It is enough, and much prefered, that these be PM'ed to the mods.

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