Do's and Dont's

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  • The first, most important, and obvious rule: If you can think of a match between a set number of characters, there are good odds that it has been done already. Thread Necromancy is better than wasting the board's space by creating another one, so use the search function before you post! (For those who don't know where it is, it is in the top right corner of the forum.)

  • Second: Use proper grammar. (Capitalization, spelling if possible, and punctuation.) People have to remember that they only have words on the Internet. It is difficult to communicate effectively on the Internet; thus, proper grammar is absolutely necessary.

  • Third: You don't have to respond to everything people say. Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is to simply ignore them.

  • Fourth: Give people the benefit of the doubt. It may just be a miscommunication if it seems someone's insulting you for no reason.

  • Fifth: Moderators are people, too, and they have bad days as well as good; try to determine their mood before you decide to talk to them directly.

  • Sixth: There is a report button; if someone insults you, just push it, flaming them back tends to get both parties booted.
    • 6.1: Sometimes the mods might not think an action is worth action, in which case you might just have to put the offender on 'ignore'.

  • Seventh: It's not shameful to admit defeat. In a few days, the thread will be buried and gone anyway.
  • 7.1: Even if the other side is totally wrong there's nothing stopping you from backing out quietly, leave correcting them for a later time, group consensus will generally win out over nonsense.

  • Eighth: If someone invades, you still have to follow the rules; this is annoying as Hell, but eventually, the invaders will lose interest and leave once they learn that the board rules make it impossible for them to wank a character indefinitely.
    • 8.1: It's not worth getting an invader banned if you're banned yourself. Keep your cool and plot their demise subtly.

  • Ninth: It's good to have friends, but just don't drag them into your own problems. They have a life of their own, after all.

  • Tenth: It helps to welcome the newer members, even if you're a new member yourself. That way, they'll be more likely to listen to you when you tell them that they're 'doing it wrong'.
    • 10.1: Kindness never hurt anyone (Ok, not entirely true...), but don't be afraid to give positive feedback to another person's posts.
    • 10.2: Sometimes a new member is just a total idiot. It happens. They'll either learn to rumble right or get themselves banned. It's as simple as that, they don't need help getting themselves banned... although a little push here and there won't hurt. Just don't make it obvious!

  • Eleventh: So you want to resurrect a thread, but it's taboo to resurrect a thread... So create a new thread in complete violation of rule #1, just put a 'twist' on it that's not really a twist, or better yet don't say that it's a twist but use it to defend yourself if they notice it's been done. (However, this doesn't work with major matches that have been 'done to death')
    • 11.1: This depends on the nitpickyness of the board mood, try to get a feel for it, sometimes both will get you a bad result...
    • 11.2: The longer the thread, the worse the result from "Threadurrection" in general; no one wants to read through 10+ pages before responding.

  • Twelfth: Don't be a jerk; even if you're right, that ultimately achieves nothing if you make everyone hate you. The point of the board is to talk with people and have fun while talking about who could beat who - winning a debate is only a secondary point to this.
    • 12.1: Don't mistake a person's poster personae for the real them; also, just because a person talks, acts, and has a feminine screen name doesn't make them a girl.
    • 12.2: If you find yourself in violation of rule twelve, it's never too late to just apologize and let an issue die.

  • Thirteenth: Keep track of the people online, ex. a Fate Stay\\Night, 4Chan, Gunbuster, ect. thread probably won't survive if it's posted while all of its fans are offline.
    • 13.1: While strange, if people see a thread past the 2\\3rds mark on the first page they'll be less likely to respond to it than if it were at the top of the first page or somewhere on the second page.
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